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Engaging Potential Clients Through Social Media

You already know that you need a Facebook page, a Twitter presence and a variety of other social media accounts but where in the world are you supposed to get content to keep those accounts moving and attracting potential clients?


Engaging Potential Clients Through Social Media - Benchmark Realty Tennessee

Attention-Grabbing Content for Social Media Posts


Every time you add a blog post to your website, make sure you share it on social media. The same goes for listings (which you should also add to your blog) make sure you pick a great photo, write a few of the propertys specifications and link back to your website.

You dont have to (and shouldnt) limit yourself to blog posts and listing descriptions. In fact, here are 30 killer social media post ideas that are sure to get people talking:



Social Media Posting Ideas

1. Create a list of three to five helpful tips your readers can use

2. Share details on an upcoming local event

3. Post funny or inspirational quotes (you can search BrainyQuote or GoodReads to get the best; dont forget to add your personal commentary for an extra boost of engagement)

4. Put up charts, graphs and statistics (NAR has a great Pinterest page that youre allowed to share from)

5. Pose a question and answer it (you can get great ideas for questions by searching the real estate section of Yahoo Answers or Quora, or you can answer some of the most commonly asked questions that appear in your inbox)

6. Share a link to a Facebook group or page that your audience will enjoy or find useful

7. Make an industry prediction

8. Post a photo collage of one of your listings

9. Share a good cause (but be careful that its not political or divisive you could alienate your audience that way)

10. Post an infographic about housing trends, statistics or other great information (check out for shareable ideas or create your own)

11. Add fun facts about the towns or cities in which you work; crazy, obscure laws are always popular

12. Create a weekly roundup in which you highlight the best real estate-related stories of the week

13. Offer quick, expert insights on home buying, selling or anything else home-related

14. Mention the free downloads you have on your website

15. Talk about traffic closings or other things going on in your community

16. Post links to celebrity homes that are for sale or that have just sold

17. Share product recall notices that are related to home goods

18. Draw attention to odd holidays or celebratory months (May is Date Your Mate month, National Salad Month and National Hamburger Month really)

19. Mention a gem from local history

20. Share a Pinterest board about decorating, lawn maintenance or other home-related things

21. Share a comic strip, a joke or a funny post that someone else made

22. Create a quick, two-sentence commentary on a trending real estate topic (you can find the best on Topsy; just type real estate into the search box)

23. Add a Caption This image where your audience can throw in their two cents

24. Post a Slideshare presentation related to real estate

25. Link to a free tool or resource that your audience will find useful, such as a mortgage-shopping checklist or a free ebook by an interior designer about home staging

26. Share links to DIY home improvement blogs and add your own commentary

27. Recommend a local professional you frequently work with

28. Recommend a dish at a local restaurant, a play at a local theatre or anything else thats hyper-local

29. Ask your audience to share their favorite home photos, decorating ideas or funny memes

30. Post a Facebook poll it doesnt have to be serious to get people involved


How Often Are Realtors Supposed to Share on Social Media?


You should attempt to post on your social media accounts (all of them!) once a day, but its okay if you cant do it that frequently. Shoot for three times per week.

The general rule is 3-2-1. Three original posts, two shares from other sources, and one self-promotional post.

TREC Compliance?

Don't forget that your social media accounts are now considered advertising, and therefore have to be TREC compliant. We will be writing more about this in a future post, but make sure your listing postings identify you as a real estate agent and include the name of your broker with address and phone #s. Briefly, TREC guidelines say that the company name and phone number MUST appear in all advertising, and the company name must be the prominent feature. Regardless of what Craig Proctor says, if you try to fly underneath the prospects advertising radar, you will run into trouble with TREC. So will your principal broker. Guaranteed.


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