Facebook. It’s everywhere. But does that mean you need to have a public, business-related Facebook page if you want to succeed in your real estate career?


You have to weigh the pros and the cons, and if you’re not sure whether it’s going to benefit your business, it might not be a good time to start a business-related Facebook page. We’ve put together three pros and three cons so you can make the best decision for your business.why you should have a facebook page- Benchmark Realty

3 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Have a Facebook Page

  1. You don’t have time to maintain it. Once your Facebook page is up, you’ll have to post regularly – at least a few times a week – using the 3-2-1 rule for social media.
  2. You’re combining business with pleasure. Never, ever combine your personal Facebook page with your business Facebook page. Not only is it the fastest way to damage your brand (someone who doesn’t agree with your personal views may choose not to work with you, despite the fact that you’re the most qualified Realtor® around), but it puts you in danger of giving out far too much personal information.
  3. You don’t want to interact with people who “Like” your page. The whole purpose of setting up a Facebook page for your business is to engage people; you’ll want to show your knowledge and show that you’re interested in what others have to say. Letting comments go unanswered makes you look inattentive and sloppy, so if you can’t commit to engaging those who engage you, you might be better off without a Facebook page.

3 Reasons You SHOULD Have a Facebook Page

  1. As many as 90 percent of people use the Internet to search for homes. On top of that, people buy from people they trust – and you can establish unbelievable rapport through your Facebook page. Posting new listings, even if they’re not yours, generates a lot of buzz online (especially now that people can share interesting photos with just one click).
  2. Facebook can strengthen your brand. If you’re sharing valuable content that people actually want, you’re going to get “brand ambassadors.” Those are people who will help get the word out about you and what you do simply because they enjoy your posts.
  3. Search engine optimization. Did you know that search giants like Google actually look at social metrics to determine whether your website is worth sharing with searchers? They do. If you have a site that’s popular on social media, they figure there’s a good chance that everyday web surfers will find it valuable – and having a successful Facebook page can boost your rankings in the search engine result pages.

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