Whether you’re a prolific tweeter or you’ve been dragging your feet about sharing updates in 140 characters or less, there’s a big question that looms over all of us: does Twitter work for Realtors®?Twitter for Realtors - Benchmark Realty Blog

The short answer: yes. But that doesn’t mean you should flood what’s come to be known as the Twitterverse with promotional messages about yourself and your business. You can use Twitter to your advantage, but you have to handle it like the powerful tool that it is.

Twitter “Best Practices” for Realtors

Twitter is a way for buyers and sellers to get to know you as a person, and that’s extremely beneficial because people want to work with people, not anonymous companies. For that reason alone, you want to make your Twitter feed interesting enough that people want to follow you. You can do that by:

  • Sharing interesting tweets about the area
  • Retweeting other locals’ tweets
  • Uploading your own images of points of interest

The key to Twitter is being social. If you have something valuable to share, such as a fun weekend event that’s being hosted by one of the towns in your service area, tweet about it and use a hashtag to encourage dialogue.

Following the 80-20 Rule on Twitter

For every two self-promotional posts you make on Twitter, you should do eight that are about other things. People don’t want to see a constant stream of advertisements about how wonderful you are; they want to learn about the area, discover hidden gems such as tucked-away restaurants and upcoming events. Don’t shy away from self-promotional posts, though – you need them to let people know you’re eager to work with them. Every once in a while, add something like “Ready to find your dream house in [town]? Call me!” Add a shortened link to your website’s contact page and you’re all set.

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