Agent Testimonials

“The proof is in the pocket book!”

“My transition to Benchmark Realty was flawless – even in the midst of juggling multiple clients! The business model puts the agent first, and the proof is in the pocket book. What I saw was a huge annualized savings. What does it mean to me? Hear this: A year’s worth of monthly mortgage payments. Is that significant? To me it is!”

Andy Brookover, Benchmark Agent since April 2010

“I love being able to run my own business.”

“I made the change because I was looking for a leader to learn from and who cultivated a collaborative environment. I have been amazed at the knowledge that is shared at our monthly meetings, and my production is higher than ever. I love being able to run my own business and make my own decisions as to what works best in each situation. But the primary difference is the “grass roots” feel of Benchmark Realty. I love that the office feels “homey,” the facilities are always available and very conveniently located, and that everyone is warm and inviting. I love that only experienced agents are here; no Rock Stars or attitudes or superiority—just everyone trying to do their best for their clients while being supported by a wonderful team! Phillip walks the walk and leads by example! This is the real deal!”

Trish Myatt, Benchmark Agent since June 2010

“Phillip is there to help me.”

“I started my real estate career at a typical franchise company that keeps half of your money in return for their name. By the time I paid my commission split and fees, I didn’t have too much to show for my hard work. So much of my money paid for an office and services I never used! Now I’ve settled in with Benchmark Realty permanently. Phillip offers a great opportunity for people to get most of their money. I handle most of my transactions myself, but if I do run into a problem, Phillip is there to help me. Closings are professionally handled. They get you your check promptly—which is most important!”

Fred Gatewood, Benchmark Agent since March 2010

“I gave myself about a $15,000 raise!”

“The office staff is awesome, and Phillip Cantrell is very, very well respected in the community, but if you asked me why I came to Benchmark Realty, it was really about the money! At RE/MAX Elite, I was paying $600 a month on a 95-split for the last 5 years, and I thought that was pretty good! Last November, I sat down to do the numbers, and realized that I paid my former broker $18,900 in 2010, a much higher figure than I expected. I moved to Benchmark and gave myself about a $15,000 raise… in one move! I basically pay Benchmark $3000 a year and I’m 100%. Wow!! Unbelievable, I know!!”

Jeannie Timmons, Benchmark Agent since November 2010

“My only regret is that I didn’t join Benchmark Realty the first time he asked me.”

“Phillip asked me to join him when he started Benchmark, but I had no intention of ever leaving the company I was with. After doing a transaction with him, I realized he had the same values I did, so when he asked me again, I looked over what he had to offer, and it did not take me long to decide that I wanted to join. Even being in the business for 25 years, occasionally I run into a problem, and anytime I call Phillip, he has been quick to respond. My only regret is that I didn’t join Benchmark Realty the first time he asked me.”

Lydia Miller, Benchmark Agent since May 2009

“I’m really, really glad I moved to Benchmark.”

“Some of the questions I had before moving to Benchmark was, “Who is Benchmark?” “Is it really 100%?” Yes, yes it is. But the question isn’t “Who Is Benchmark?” but more, “How large is Benchmark going to get?” It’s growing at a rapid pace. For me, I take my stuff on the road. I’m real mobile. I love our technology; how everything is available online – even the office files now that we’ve gone paperless, which makes it easy because I work at home 90% of the time. The broker support is excellent… some of the best I’ve ever had. I would say anyone considering Benchmark Realty definitely needs to come talk to Phillip. I’m looking forward to having my best year yet, and I’m really, really glad I moved to Benchmark.”

Shane Powell, Benchmark Agent since August

“Benchmark’s the reason my business continues to grow.”

“I began my career at Keller–Williams and loved it until there were some changes. An agent I highly respected suggested I look at Benchmark Realty, so my team and I met with Phillip. We were very impressed with the variety of plans and Phillip’s commitment to business ethics. Whenever I have a question Phillip is there to assist. We also have a great brainstorming session each month with all the Benchmark team. It is during these sessions that we all share our experiences and best practices. Recently, I was approached by another real estate agency who asked me to move my license on the promise they would match what I’m getting at Benchmark Realty. I told them, ‘Phillip’s the reason I’m at Benchmark, and Benchmark’s the reason my business continues to grow.'”

Diane Osowiecki, Benchmark Agent since December 2009

“The company’s dedication to the profession and their agents is unmatched.”

“I’ve been doing real estate for 13 years now, and first heard of Benchmark about two years ago. I came in and talked to Phillip, and thought Benchmark was too good to be true. I quickly learned that the company’s dedication to the profession and their agents is unmatched. Now Benchmark Realty signs are popping up all over, which actually makes my job as a listing agent a lot easier. The only regret I have is that I did not join Benchmark a lot sooner.”

Rob Wagner, Benchmark Agent since September 2010

“No hidden fees, and no surprises.”

“Phillip Cantrell has a solid reputation; he is always available to discuss the tough issues facing his agents. Benchmark allows agents the flexibility to be realtors, but we are provided with the resources necessary to do our job effectively, so ultimately we can serve our clients well. Of course, Benchmark’s fee schedule is very straight forward and fair; No hidden fees, and no surprises.”

Tammy Graffam, Benchmark Agent since January 2010

“My only regret is that I did not join this team sooner.”

“I’ve been in real estate for over 25 years. When I began selling residential real estate, I elected to go with a national brand, but over the past few years, I began to realize that buyers and sellers no longer have an allegiance to these companies; it is all about the relationship with the Realtor. The larger known real estate firms have been banking on their name for so long that they are not willing to become competitive with commission splits and franchise fees. After interviewing several brokerage firms and considering going out on my own, it was an easy decision to go with Benchmark Realty. My choice was based on much more than the 100% commission split. Phillip Cantrell is a working broker, which means he knows what it takes to keep a deal together in this challenging market. His expertise, affiliations, and reputation in the community make him a valuable asset to my success. Phillip and his staff run a well oiled machine. His business plan will likely bring Benchmark Realty to the forefront, creating the largest Real Estate Company in Tennessee. My only regret is that I did not join this team sooner. I urge you take the step and become a part of something exciting and prosperous that will change your real estate career forever.”

Gennifer Mallard, Benchmark Agent since October 2010

“There have been no false promises.”

“I’m a guy who doesn’t move around a lot. I’ve been married 43 years, in the same home for 25 years, and moved my real estate license only four times. Having been with several agencies, I can attest to the fact that the picture you’re all too often painted on the front end is not the reality you find yourself in a year down the road. Refreshingly, Benchmark Realty has been different. The business model presented upon my arrival is still in place today. Phillip Cantrell is a man of his word. There have been no false promises. When a business is led by a person of faith, integrity, and strong business principals, then the key ingredients are present for all those associated with them to succeed. Phillip Cantrell is keenly interested in agents growing their business. Agents desiring to improve their bottom line and grow their business in a no non-sense environment deserve to consider the Benchmark model.”

Joe Cimino, Benchmark Agent since November 2008

“Take your business to the next level!”

“Working with highly experienced professional agents is the core of the Benchmark Realty foundation. The principal broker, Phillip Cantrell, provides knowledge, support and years of expertise in the local market. The result is a very positive, unique Real Estate synergy among the agents. I would encourage any real estate professional to consider joining the Benchmark Realty team, and take their business to the next level!”

Linda Seaton, Benchmark Agent since March 2010

“Benchmark Realty is the epitome of the real estate business.”

“While searching for a new Real Estate Company to place my license with, Phillip Cantrell came to mind. After meeting with Phillip, I knew this was where I wanted to be. Considering I kept more of my hard-earned commission, it was a no-brainer. Benchmark Realty is the epitome of the real estate business, and has absolutely everything I wanted and needed as a REALTOR; a Broker who is accessible, very knowledgeable, listens intently, and gives great feedback and suggestions. Benchmark serves the whole REALTOR business, not just portions of it, whether your client is a first time homebuyer or commercial investor, searching for HUD homes or foreclosure properties. There has never been a time, that I have called Phillip or the office and they have not answered the phone or responded in a timely manner.”

Darlene Morton, Benchmark Agent since April 2009

“I can work from home efficiently.”

“The main reason I moved to Benchmark Realty is because I wanted my business to run with less red tape. At Benchmark, I have more marketing dollars, which benefits my clients. I have better Principal Broker support and availability, and a network of a large group of experienced, full-time REALTORS. Our office continually strives to be up-to-date with technology and provides constant contact with the agents, so I can work from home efficiently. The office support we receive goes beyond the little bit of money that I pay to receive it. I’m working under less stress since my move, and everything has far exceeded my expectations.”

Michelle Chrest, Benchmark Agent since August 2010

“Benchmark’s plans are black and white.”

“When I was looking to move my license, a big issue I had was the stigma 100% commission companies carry. I had always viewed them as lower-class companies who didn’t care who was there and what people did. We all know of those who do shady deals or try to cut corners, and I did not want to be a part of that. When I walked into Benchmark Realty, everything was very professional. Phillip is a very hands-on Broker, and the staff is amazing. When you turn in a closing, you know Michelle and Donna are on top of it. The paperless pipeline is so easy you feel like you are doing it wrong at first. I never have to question where my paperwork is in their stack, when I will get paid, or what I need to do next. They also don’t force anything down your throat; I use my own title company, and have never felt pressured to use theirs. Of course the biggest thing Realtors want to know about is MONEY! Here you don’t have to worry about having to pay the company tons of money before you make any. I have even seen many Realtors who are “surprised” with a new split. Benchmark’s plans are black and white. The first 100% commission check I received was WONDERFUL!!”

Amy Gleaves, Benchmark Agent since August 2010

“No nonsense, no drama.”

“From a personal standpoint, Benchmark Realty simply suits my personality better. The atmosphere at Benchmark is friendly and positive, and yet, strictly business.From the administrative folks who run the front office to the broker, the attitude is friendly, composed and professional. There are few distractions at Benchmark, and very little “hoopla”. Questions or problems are dealt with swiftly and directly. No nonsense, no drama. Since moving to Benchmark Realty, my professional life has become less complicated.There are fewer distractions, no convoluted office policies and procedures…resulting in more time for me to focus on my number one business: finding and serving qualified buyers and sellers. With fewer transactions to go around, it’s critical that I make the most of every commission opportunity, and the Benchmark plan allows me to do just that. For the experienced, self-motivated agent who has had enough of the “corporate culture” and is ready to get down to business, Benchmark may be just the ticket to maximize your income and simplify your life.”

Jim O’Dowd, Benchmark Agent since January 2011


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