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Hard Time Blogging? This Will Get You Started

In the past, weve talked about Realtorģ blog post topics you can use to kick off an awesome set of posts.

Well give you 10 more blog post ideas at the end of this post but in the meantime, we have a few simple ways to make blogging part of what you do every day. Regular blogging can help establish you as the subject-matter expert; you can set yourself apart by sharing your knowledge of the local communities and engaging your potential clients.

Hard Time Blogging- BenchmarkRealtyTN

Make Blogging Part of Your Daily Routine

You dont have to sit down and carve out a blog post every day. Some of the most successful blogs only post once per week but their secret to success is keeping a finger on their readers pulses. Get into the habit of noting interesting news articles that discuss your areas; once in a while, search for gorgeous photos of the local landscape that you can share.

When you find them, post them to your blog. Theres nothing wrong with writing a short teaser about a news piece (in fact, its actually good for your search engine optimization but thats another blog post).

For example:

The City of Franklin is thinking about modifying an ordinance that would allow garage apartments, carriage houses and other add-ons to be built on downtown properties. The ordinance-change would be the first in years, and city planner Kelly Dannenfelser says that it could expand housing options for locals. Read the full story here.

Do it early, before your day gets in the way. Even if you only have time for that short teaser post, its best to make it a habit to add something to your blog on a specific day, early in the morning (as youre having your first cup of coffee or maybe your second).

10 (More) Blog Post Ideas for Realtors

Aside from the news items that make great blog posts, here are 10 more blog post ideas for Realtors. 

  1. Focus on one of your listings (make it photo-heavy with simple captions)
  2. List the best places for lunch on the next holiday
  3. Explain things we take for granted, such as mortgage insurance or financing terms
  4. List local food bloggers, entertainment gurus or other big names in town (with links to their sites)
  5. Write about what makes a transaction (buying or selling or put each in a separate post) go smoothly
  6. Check out design websites and pick out trendy bathtubs, great fireplaces or other luxury add-ons for eye candy
  7. List the local parks and what each one includes
  8. List the best resources for home staging ideas (and add a few of your own)
  9. Write about investment properties and how to pick the right one
  10. List resources people moving here need, such as the electric, gas, phone and cable companies


If youre not already on our all-star team, nows a great time to consider it.

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