It seems like everywhere you turn for marketing advice, people are telling you to blog.

And they’re right.

You should be blogging. It turns out that 46 percent of people read blogs more than once a day, and you could really benefit from bringing people to your website because:

  • When people share your posts on social media, they are bound to get clicks- and that delivers fresh, new content to your website
  • Becoming known for your useful blog posts is a great way to cement your brand in buyers' and sellers' minds
  • Adding fresh content to your website is a great way to attract search engines' attention

So what do you write about? 


  1. Local events in your best-selling town each month
  2. Housing trends and mortgage rates
  3. Three luxury properties for sale in your area
  4. Property taxes in certain neighborhoods
  5. HOA information in certain neighborhoods
  6. Best restaurants in your city
  7. Best coffee spots and cafes in your area
  8. Best nightlife in your city
  9. Best day trips from your city
  10. Tips for moving with kids
  11. Tips for moving with pets
  12. Lists of local professionals
  13. Most common buyer questions
  14. Most common seller questions
  15. Things for kids to do in your city
  16. Advice for first-time homebuyers
  17. Local gyms in your city
  18. Best golf courses and clubs in your area
  19. Home staging tips
  20. How to qualify for a loan
  21. How you, as a Realtor® market your clients' properties
  22. Hot decorating tips
  23. Most common pitfalls in buying a home
  24. Most common pitfalls in selling a home
  25. New Listings

You can use these real estate blog topics multiple times. For example, you could write about the five best restaurants in Franklin and the five best restaurants in Brentwood (and you can make them even more specific by writing about the five best barbeque restaurants, steakhouses or healthy restaurants).



We’re committed to providing our Agents with great ideas, whether they’re about blogging or anything else that can help them make the most of their real estate careers.

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