Everybody and his or her mother – literally – is looking online to find the best Realtor®.

If you think you don’t need online reviews, think again: 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

That’s nine out of 10 people.

Further, 67 percent of people read up to six reviews; 85 percent of people read up to 10 reviews.

If you’re not getting online reviews from your clients, you are almost certainly losing business to Realtors who do have them.

Online reviews play another important role, too: they can help your name come up on the first page of Google when people are searching for real estate in your areas of expertise.

But how do you get those reviews?

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As a Realtor, you probably get several compliments on your service during and after real estate transactions. However, if you are like most Realtors, you thank your clients and leave it at that.

What you could do instead is ask the person who gave you the compliment to share it online. Many people will take to Yelp, Google another review sites on their own, but it helps if you make things easier.

You can do that by:

  • Including links to your profiles on review sites in your email signature
  •  Placing a button on your website that says, "REVIEW US", or  "RATE OUR SERVICE"
  • Mention that you are expanding the testimonial section on your website and ask your clients to compose something short about your services. 

People often find it helpful to use a template when they are composing reviews. You can give your clients a nudge in the right direction by showing them your own. 

A great start for your clients could look something like this:

  • "I used Benchmark Realty because..."
  • "I was most impressed by Benchmark Realty's ability to...."
  • "I will recommend Benchmark Realty to my friends because..."

You can also ask questions that get your client thinking like:

  • "What did I do to help you during the transaction?"
  • "If you had to tell someone the biggest benefit of working with a Realtor what would it be?"
  • "What was the best part of your real estate transaction?"

Remember that people are used to sharing things through social media and on review sites, so asking for reviews is quickly becoming the norm in doing business anyway.



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