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Discovering the Great Outdoors Around Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee, is famed worldwide as the heart of country music, a city pulsating with melodies and vibrant traditions. However, beyond its musical fame lies a treasure trove of outdoor adventures waiting to be explored. The area surrounding Nashville is a playground for nature lovers, offering an array of activities that cater to everyone from the casual stroller to the adrenaline-seeking adventurer. Discover below some of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of this vibrant city and its surroundings.

Hiking Boots on a Log

Hiking and Walking Trails

Radnor Lake State Park

For those who find solace in nature, Radnor Lake State Park serves as a perfect escape. Its well-maintained trails are ideal for peaceful walks, bird watching, and even photography, offering glimpses of wildlife and lush scenery.

The Warner Parks

The Warner Parks are situated just 9 miles away from downtown Nashville and offer hikers a variety of trails with different levels of difficulty and lengths. With more than 3,100 acres to explore, there is always something new to discover in the forests and fields of the Warner Parks.

Beaman Park

If you're looking for a more secluded hiking experience away from the usual crowd, then Beaman Park is the perfect destination for you. The park offers a 12-mile loop and a nature center, making it possible to spend the entire day exploring the woods.

Biking Adventures

Shelby Bottoms Greenway

Featuring paved paths that meander through scenic landscapes, Shelby Bottoms Greenway is ideal for casual bikers. It's a peaceful retreat within the city, connecting nature with urban life.

Natchez Trace Parkway

Cyclists looking for long-distance routes will find the Natchez Trace Parkway exhilarating. The parkway offers miles of smooth roads surrounded by stunning natural beauty, making it a favorite among biking enthusiasts.

The Warner Parks

Mountain bikers will relish the trails at the Warner Parks, which cater to different skill levels. From challenging terrains to leisurely paths, the parks provide a diverse biking experience amidst the woods.

Camping Getaways

Montgomery Bell State Park

Montgomery Bell State Park offers a great camping experience located on three different lakes. The park boasts of natural beauty and recreational facilities that can make your outdoor stay truly memorable. Located just a short drive away from Nashville, this park is easily accessible to anyone looking for a quick weekend getaway.

Bledsoe Creek State Park

Bledsoe Creek State Park covers an area of over 1,600 acres and offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, boating, and camping. With its scenic trails, picnic areas, and views of Old Hickory Lake, Bledsoe Creek State Park is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and is less than an hour from Nashville.

Red Kayak on Lake at Sunset

Water Activities

Cumberland River

The Cumberland River invites enthusiasts to enjoy kayaking and paddleboarding against the backdrop of Nashville's skyline. It's a unique way to experience the city while indulging in some fun water sports.

Percy Priest Lake

Boasting a plethora of recreational activities, Percy Priest Lake is a haven for boating, fishing, and swimming. Its vast expanse accommodates everyone, ensuring a day full of fun and relaxation on the water.

Harpeth River

The winding paths of the Harpeth River are perfect for canoeing adventures. Alongside the paddling experience, you can explore historical sites and natural wonders dotting the riverbanks.

Seasonal Activities


Springtime in Nashville comes alive with a burst of vibrant colors, making it an ideal season for wildflower hikes and bird-watching. The mild weather in Nashville adds to the enjoyment of exploring the outdoors, from exploring the trails at the Warner Parks to admiring the blooming flowers and trees at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.


Summer in Nashville is a wonderful time to explore the great outdoors. From waterfall chasing to star gazing, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. The city is surrounded by several parks that offer fantastic opportunities for camping and enjoying nature. With warm nights and clear skies, you can camp under the stars and take in the natural beauty of Tennessee. 


The changing leaves create a spectacular display of colors, making it a popular time for scenic drives and attending harvest festivals. It's a season that celebrates the richness of nature and the bounty of the land.


Despite the colder temperatures, winter in Nashville still offers unique opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Embark on winter hikes through the trails of local and state parks, where the bare trees provide clearer views of the wildlife and frozen lakes. Additionally, bird watching becomes especially rewarding during the winter months, as the leafless trees make it easier to spot a variety of species.

Learn More with Benchmark Realty

The area surrounding Nashville, Tennessee, is a testament to the beauty and diversity of the great outdoors. From serene hikes and water sports to adrenaline-pumping adventures and camping, there's something for everyone. To learn more about living in Nashville and the rest of Middle Tennessee, contact Benchmark Realty, your local experts. 

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