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How to Ask for Real Estate Referrals (Without Sounding Desperate or Salesy)

Theres nothing quite like business falling into your lap, such as when someone calls you and says, My friend referred me to you, and I'd like to sell my home. I think it's worth about $3 million. That's the dream, right? And though you are stellar level of customer service is likely to earn you referrals, you may be a little nervous about asking your clients to send their friends and family your way. Maybe you think youll come off as salesy, or worse, desperate for business. Or maybe youre just not too keen on the idea of asking people to do things for you because youre usually the one who handles it all. Either way, there are plenty of tactful ways to ask for real estate referrals without rubbing your clients the wrong way. This guide explains.

How to Ask for Real Estate Referrals (Without Sounding Desperate or Salesy)

There's no denying it: Asking people to do something for you, even if it's as simple as referring friends and family to you, can be uncomfortable. But there's also no denying the fact that top producers get referrals all the time, and you don't want to miss out. The good news is that if you know when and how to ask for referrals, people will remember their wonderful experiences with you and will be happy to send people your way when necessary. But before you get into the following sections, which explain when and how to ask for real estate referrals, you may need to shift your perspective. Rather than thinking of this process as asking for business, it may be helpful for you to realize that what you do is truly valuable to your clients. Because you are so good at real estate, and because your level of service is exceptional, you're not asking for business; you're offering your much-needed services to your clients friends, acquaintances, business associates and family. When you offer, be confident. Dont say things like, If its not too much trouble or Maybe Instead, remember that youre among the best at what you do and let your clients know that youre willing to provide the same exceptional service to their circle. Related: 10 things to consider when youre looking for a broker

When to Ask for Real Estate Referrals

The best time to ask a client for a referral is yesterday. But if you missed that opportunity, here's what to lookout for in the future: When a client thanks you for helping them, you can simply say, Youre so welcome! And if you have any friends or family that need help, I'll be happy to assist them, too. Just send them my way! Here are a few extra cards. You can (and should) keep in touch with past clients so you can reach out and offer your services again in the future. Related: Email marketing essentials for REALTORSģ

How to Ask for Real Estate Referrals

After you shift your perspective between asking for referrals and offering your valuable services, you may realize that mentioning that you're willing to work with others is more than enough. However, if that doesn't cut it for you, try these:
  • Do you know anyone who needs advice on finding the perfect home?
  • Do you know anyone over in the such-and-such neighborhood whos thinking about selling? Homes are moving fast over there, and a few recently sold well over list price.
  • Do you know anyone who wants to be your neighbor? I can help them find the perfect place, too.
  • Do you know any other vets who are looking in this area? We can help them with the VA like we helped you.
The keys to a solid request for a referral are brevity, simplicity and an easy out. The following sections explain.

Brevity in Asking for Real Estate Referrals

After youve exceeded a clients expectations, there's no need to beat around the bush. Instead, be quick and to the point: Do you have friends who are looking to rightsize, too? Your clients already know that you helped them, so they have no reason to doubt that youd help their friends, acquaintances and family, as well.

Simplicity in Asking for Real Estate Referrals

When you ask someone for a referral, you want to make it as easy for them as possible. You might suggest that if they know someone who could use your services, you'll be happy to take them both out for coffee so they can make the introductions. Or, alternatively, you might say, If you could send a quick e-mail (or text or social media message) introducing us, that would be great. Related: 5 real estate podcasts every REALTOR should listen to

Giving People an Easy Out When You Ask for Real Estate Referrals

Giving people an easy out is a great way to get them on-board for sending you referrals. According to Harvard Business Review, the escape clause is one of the most powerful tools in asking for favors (like referrals). You might consider saying something like, I totally understand if you cant help but I thought Id ask, or I completely understand if you cant think of anyone now you have a lot going on! Remember, people wont Always be able to provide you with referrals, and sometimes that's simply because they don't know anyone. But if you play your cards right, the people who do know others who need your services will be more than happy to send them your way. You just need to know when and how to ask. Related: 9 out-of-this-world video marketing ideas for REALTORS

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