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5 Curb Appeal Tricks That Make Buyers Fall in Love


When you're selling your home, curb appeal is very important. But what can you do to make buyers fall in love from the street? This guide explains.

5 Curb Appeal Tricks That Make Buyers Fall in Love

Your real estate agent will likely talk to you about curb appeal, which is incredibly important when you're selling your home. In fact, when you know that buyers begin forming an impression of your home before they even step through the front door, you realize that making your home as attractive as possible from the outside can make or break your entire real estate transaction.

Check out these five easy curb appeal tips that can help you sell your home faster and for more money:

  1. New house numbers
  2. Immaculate lawn maintenance
  3. A warm, welcoming threshold
  4. Visible outdoor living space
  5. An updated light fixture and door hardware

Scroll down for a closer look at each.

Curb Appeal Improvement #1: New House Numbers

Buyers who drive up your street looking for your home will be scoping out each house along the way. You can make yours stand out by investing in new house numbers after all, that's what buyers are initially looking for. If your house numbers are attractive, match your home's style and draw attention, you can begin impressing buyers while they're still in their cars.

Curb Appeal Improvement #2: Immaculate Lawn Maintenance

Even if your prospective buyers aren't outdoorsy people, they'll appreciate fabulous lawn maintenance. A well-manicured lawn is a sign that the homeowner takes care of things, and even if subconsciously, buyers will take note. Having an attractive lawn means keeping the grass trimmed, the hedges and bushes trimmed, and having a clean and clear walkway to the front door. It doesn't hurt to power wash your driveway and sidewalk as part of your lawn maintenance routine, either.

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Curb Appeal Improvement #3: A Warm, Welcoming Threshold

Roll out the welcome mat for prospective buyers literally. The area just outside your front door should be inviting, so make sure you have an attractive welcome mat where buyers can wipe their feet, that your doorbell is in good condition (they wont use it, but it needs to look nice), and that there are no cobwebs in the corners. If you have the space, you should also place potted plants on your porch, which will make your home look livelier and more attractive.

Curb Appeal Improvement #4: Visible Outdoor Living Space

If there's room on your porch, consider adding seating and a small table. This serves two purposes. First, it shows prospective buyers that they can enjoy sitting outside and viewing the neighborhood (which is a sign that the neighborhood is worthwhile). Second, buyers view outdoor living space as an extension of the home; it's like a free bonus that gets them more bang for their buck. Make sure your seating and table match your home's style to create a streamlined look.

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Curb Appeal Improvement #5: An Updated Light Fixture and Door Hardware

Though many curb appeal guides say that you should repaint your front door, that's not always necessary. In fact, it's often enough to invest in an updated light fixture and new door hardware. As long as they match and they're modern, they can contribute significantly to your homes curb appeal. (And if you want to repaint your front door, go for it just make sure you do it well.)

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