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9 Amazing Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

How can Benchmark real estate agents use video to their marketing advantage? This guide explores why (and how) you should use videos in your marketing.

Lets Talk About Video in Real Estate Marketing

As a real estate agent, its up to you to market yourself as a leader in the field and one of the best ways to do that is by using video to your advantage. The solid fact is that about 86 percent of video marketers say that video is effective in generating leads, and thats whats going to keep your business going. Even better, there are thousands of agents out there who arent using video right now (despite the fact that its the fastest-growing segment of media consumption right now), so you can get ahead of the game with nothing more than your cell phone and a few minutes of your time. If youre not using video in your marketing that is, producing at least one video a week and sharing it on YouTube (and from there, sharing it on all your social media platforms) youre missing out on leads. Related: 3 things you can do right now to grow your real estate business So what do you talk about? The following section gives you nine great topics to get started on your video marketing journey.

9 Great Topics to Cover in Real Estate Videos

  1. Answers to frequently asked questions. Your clients ask you questions all the time, so zero in on the ones they ask the most. Do one video for every question. For example, if your clients always ask you what happens when a home inspector discovers a major issue during an inspection, do a quick video on it just be yourself and explain the way you always do.
  2. The biggest mistakes sellers make. Youve seen sellers make major and minor mistakes, so sit down for a minute and think about the ones that stand out in your memory. A five-minute video called The 10 Biggest Mistakes Ive Seen Sellers in (insert city here) Make will show your prospective clients that youre looking out for their best interests. And even better: You can do one for buyers, too.
  3. Great features of the neighborhood. You can do one of these videos for each neighborhood or community youre interested in selling in. Lets say you want to sell in Twelve Twelve in Downtown Nashville; you could do a quick video showing the lobby, the swimming pool, and even a walk-through of one of the units. You could also take a street-view approach and show all the amenities nearby.
  4. Improvements people need to make before selling. If youve seen a string of homes that need improvements before they can be listed, start dishing with prospective clients through video. For example, if people have carpet, torn window screens or literally any other issue that would interfere with a quick sale, do a video on it.
  5. Neighborhood updates. When theres a particular neighborhood or community you want to sell in, do a quick video on how many homes have recently sold there (and their prices), what amenities are nearby, and other information that could help someone take a closer look.
  6. New community amenities. When a neighborhood builds a community pool or new playground, or when a new entertainment venue, hospital, school or something else goes up nearby, head over there and make a video explaining the update. This can help you drum up interest in an area and show that youre keeping a finger on the communitys pulse.
  7. Renting versus buying. People always want to know whether theyre better off buying or renting, so a quick explainer video detailing the pros and cons of each can be a tremendous help.
  8. Staging tips (for any room). You can get at least six videos out of this idea (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, backyard and home office). Go through each room in a home and give some great staging tips. You can suggest bringing in plants, pulling furniture 6 inches from the walls and decluttering cabinets as well as anything else that fits the room youre discussing.
  9. When is the right time to sell a house? A lot of people are sitting around waiting for the perfect time to sell, and you can help them realize when that is. Your video can cover things like outgrowing a home, market statistics, changes in lifestyle or family size, and other reasons that drive people to sell.
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