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7 Social Media Marketing Tips to Supercharge Your Business in 2022

As a REALTOR®, your business depends on you reaching potential clients, and one of the best ways to do that in 2022 is through social media. But what if you feel like you're spinning your wheels on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts? This guide gives you seven amazing social media marketing tips to supercharge your business this year.

7 Social Media Marketing Tips to Supercharge Your Business in 2022

Check out these seven social media marketing tips just for real estate agents. They can help you earn more business and make more money this year:

  1. Promote more than just your listings
  2. Be authentic
  3. Provide valuable tips
  4. Use video to your advantage
  5. Share reviews
  6. Drive engagement with This or That posts
  7. Respond to your audience

Heres a closer look at each.

Social Media Marketing Tip for REALTORS #1: Promote More Than Just Your Listings

Naturally, you want to promote your listings on your social media pages. However, your page needs to be a bit more well-rounded to score a huge following. That means promoting more than just your listings; you need to promote your community, too. Whether you create a post about a brand-new restaurant in town or talk about how great the nearby state park is for romantic picnics, sharing valuable information about your community shows buyers and sellers that you are a local expert and that you dish on great places to go and things to do. That earns you followers, which expands your reach.

Social Media Marketing Tip for REALTORS #2: Be Authentic

Your prospective clients will use your social media pages to get to know you, and if they like you, they'll be more comfortable calling you and doing business with you. That means you need to be absolutely authentic on your social media pages. Be yourself and let your personality shine through; if you deal in a lot of comedy, use it to your advantage! If you're big on facts and statistics, share them. Likewise, if youre all about adventure, show people what youre getting into. Related: How to write irresistible listing descriptions Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents - Provide Valuable Tips

Social Media Marketing Tip for REALTORS #3: Provide Valuable Tips

Share your blog posts on social media as a way to disseminate information to buyers and sellers who need to see you as the real estate expert to work with. If you don't have a blog, share important tips that can help people. The more useful your content is, the more likely people are to share it and when people share your posts, your audience grows. Pro Tip: You can invest in a post scheduling tool if you don't have time to hop on social media every other day. There are several available, and some platforms (such as Facebook) have built-in scheduling tools you can use. That way, you can create all your posts in one sitting but publish them at regular intervals in the future.

Social Media Marketing Tip for REALTORS #4: Use Video to Your Advantage

Use video to your advantage more people are watching it now than ever before. Flip around your phone's camera and video yourself answering common real estate questions, checking out a new shop on Main Street, exploring a great listing, or talking to a local professional who may be able to help people who work with you (such as a loan officer, interior designer or professional stager). Social Media Marketing Tips for REALTORS - Share Reviews  

Social Media Marketing Tip for REALTORS #5: Share Reviews

When you get reviews on Google or other websites, turn them into shareable images using a free photo editing tool like Canva. You can then share them on your social media accounts. Reviews are incredibly important because prospective clients are more likely to trust what other people say about a professional and less likely to trust what you say about yourself on your websites About page. Related: 7 ways that professional photos help you sell homes faster

Social Media Marketing Tip for REALTORS #6: Drive Engagement With This or That Posts

Make your posts fun and easy to engage with. Share two images side-by-side and ask your audience to decide which is better. For example, you may put a rustic country kitchen on one side and a sleek, ultra-modern kitchen on the other; ask your audience which kitchen they'd be more interested in having in their home. Be sure to share your preference, too, so your readers can get a sense of your personality.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents - Respond to Your AudienceSocial Media Marketing Tip for REALTORS #7: Respond to Your Audience

When people comment on your posts, whether theyre friends, family members or strangers, respond! People are trying to engage with you, and the more you comment on your own posts, the more other people will engage. Posts that get more comments show up in more people's feeds, which increases your reach. Even a simple Thanks! under someone's comment matters. The bottom line is that youre going to start small. You wont see much engagement at first, but if you invest in the right social media marketing strategies, the payoff can be huge.

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