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Thank You From the Benchmark Team


We are very grateful for the amazing individuals who make up Benchmark Realty! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought we would share some of our agents and Brokers comments about why they are thankful for being a part of Benchmark Realty:

Drew Hendry - Broker

We are a family of real estate agents with a common goal of growing our businesses and establishing a trust in the community, as well as with each client we serve.

Michelle Moore - Agent

"We've got a lot of top producers at Benchmark that have come from good companies that have said, "You know what? This just makes good sound business sense for me to move my business to this company." And they have stayed. They haven't gone back or looked back. I think that says volumes about Benchmark.

Brianna Morant - Agent

"Benchmark is very efficient. Of course, theyre paperless, but theres so much teamwork. There are different levels of checks on everything, so I can literally go in at any time and see where my file is, whats missing, and what I need to do. The backend system is very sophisticated, and the quality of the people that Phillip hires is unbelievable. I dont know how he does it. Everyone works so hard and is so detail-oriented that I can rest assured that my stuff is in order. I feel really confident that everything is taken care of, and if theres an issue, Im going to know about it immediately.

Missy Henderson - Broker

Its amazing what services and support that are offered to our agents for such a small investment in comparison to other brokerages. As a seasoned agent it is a great feeling to know I belong to a company that gives so much with such professionalism and takes so little in return.

Sharon Brugman - Agent

"No doubt, for me personally, as a real estate firm it is THE best place to work. And honestly, most of us are really teased regularly to come to other firms, especially if you are a volume producer. I tell my clients that Benchmark is a very black and white firm. There is no gray, so you know exactly what the rules are and exactly what path you need to follow. The leadership is spectacular. I am thankful for the guidance we receive when we need it and the autonomy to run our business the way we need to. When the exceptions occur they are always there when we need them. Im very thankful for the opportunity to work at Benchmark and would not dream of looking at another firm.

Julia Wood - Agent

"Benchmark offers an awful lot of independence for an agent, freedom to decide what is best for our own business. Of course there is a financial benefit to working at Benchmark as well for those of us agents who are doing any kind of volume selling. We really do save a lot of money. For me personally, the independence and freedom is what wins me over as a Benchmark fan and I love working here.

At Benchmark, we are truly blessed by each and every agent and employee that make up this wonderful organization. We work together as a whole to serve our clients and the Middle Tennessee community that we feel so honored to call home. In recognition of this holiday season, we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to say Thank You for allowing us to be a part of this great business.

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