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The 4 Worst Home Staging Mistakes Your Sellers Can Make

When we accept a listing, one of the first things we think of is staging. Are they hiring a professional? How will they do it?

While many sellers do hire a staging pro, there are many who dont and its our job to at least point them in the right direction. That said, there are four huge home staging mistakes your sellers can make that can send potential buyers straight out the door. Its usually best to give them a heads-up before the listing even hits the MLS.

Home Staging Mistake #1: Not Staging at All

Not bothering to stage a home has far costlier consequences than spending a few bucks on paint and a storage unit for oversized furniture. Even if your clients have a spectacular home, failure to stage can cost them thousands on the selling price.

Home Staging Mistake #2: Ignoring Scent and Sound

While its great to clear out the clutter, the litterbox (and the cat) also has to go. The noisy appliances need to be turned off during each showing. Potential buyers are really tuned in when theyre touring what could be their next home, and every little detail counts.

Home Staging Mistake #3: Hiding Instead of Removing

Space is at a premium, and when you bring potential buyers into a still-occupied home, theyre going to want to check out closets, attics and pantries. Tell your sellers not to cram these spaces full of the things they dont want buyers to see, because its all going to come tumbling out during a showing. Besides, even huge closets look small when theyre packed.

Home Staging Mistake #4: Showcasing Collections

While some collections are exceptionally nice, most of them need to be packed away during the staging process. Buyers want to envision their things, not your sellers things, in the space. Make sure to mention that many people will be coming through the home, as well, so your sellers should put away anything that holds monetary or sentimental value.

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