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8 Safety Tips for Realtors®

As a Realtor, youre probably a people-person. Youre probably friendly, positive and pleasant to be around (at least after a cup or two of coffee, that is), so it might not cross your mind to take safety precautions when youre out and about but security experts say that real estate is a high-risk job.


Because were exposed to danger every day.

September is National Realtor Safety Month, so lets dive right in.


8 Safety Tips for Realtors

As Realtors, we meet a lot of strangers. We drive people we dont know to empty houses. We put our phone numbers and pictures everywhere.

If we werent selling houses, everybody would think were crazy.

Weve put together a list of 13 safety tips for Realtors. Are you missing any of these essential protection strategies while youre doing your job?

1. Meet new clients in your office and ask for identification before you head out. You can get a Prospect Identification Form from, which also asks for a photocopy of the clients ID. Most people wont bat an eye at a minor security procedure like this.

2. Show smart. Dont show properties after dark, and while youre inside, stay out of closets, basements and attics. Let the potential buyers explore these areas alone; theyll be fine.

3. Advertise security. When youre holding an open house, add something to your advertisement that lets people know they need to bring ID in order to see the property.

4. Keep your personal information personal. Dont use your home number or tell clients where you live; it can be extremely dangerous if that information falls into a predators hands.

5. Dont be a chauffeur. Its almost always best to drive to homes separately rather than riding with people you dont know. If you must take one car, make sure you drive. When you get to the property, park on the street, not in the driveway its easier to leave quickly if you dont have to back out.

6. Tell someone where you are at all times. Whether youre closing up an open house early or youre driving all over Nashville showing six different homes, make sure that somebody knows where you are when you change locations.

7. Leave your laptop, your purse and your other valuables in the trunk of your car. Keep your cell phone in your pocket, though, and make sure you can make emergency calls on it with the touch of a button.

8. Follow your instincts. If something feels wrong, it really might be so make an excuse to leave and head back to a safe location. Dont be afraid to call the police if you need to. Remember that police officers would rather answer a false call than evaluate a crime scene.

Most people are good people with good intentions, but it only takes one encounter with the wrong type of person for the unthinkable to happen. Make sure youre safe and that you let other agents know what they can do to protect themselves, as well.

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