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Free Referral Letter Template for Realtors®

This post is the first in a series of our three free marketing letter templates for Realtors.

Its not always easy to reach out to a referral, follow up after an open house, or make sure that your current clients feel like theyre still connected to you while their home is on the market.

Weve put together three free marketing letter templates exclusively for Realtors that will give you a push in the right direction. Just personalize the content inside the brackets and voil! You have an instant email or paper-mail letter that makes you shine like the professional you are.

Free Referral Letter Template for Realtors

Lets tackle the referral letter first. Youve never spoken to this person, and you need a strong icebreaker and a little name-dropping never hurts.

Dear (first name),

(Insert referrers full name), (whom I helped find a home/whose home I sold) in (insert month; year if appropriate), let me know that youre looking for an expert to help you (sell your own home/purchase a new home). As an (add your designations and awards here), Im confident that well be able to work together to (sell your home/find a new home that your family will love).

Are you new to the (your city) area, or are you a longtime resident like me? I have a lot of experience relocating myself, so Im looking forward to helping you make this transition. Youll find that my extensive knowledge of the area and finely tuned skills in the real estate market will save you time and moneyand bring you peace of mind.

Im very pleased that (referrers first name) made it easy for us to connect. (Selling a home/Choosing a home) is a monumental decision, and Im honored that youve placed your trust in me. Please know that I consider my clients friends; you can call my cell at (your number) or email me at (your email) any time.

Again, Im looking forward to helping you (find your dream home in the [your city] area/sell your home quickly and efficiently).

All the best,

(Your name and designations) Benchmark Realty, LLC (Your email address) (Your phone number)

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Next time, were sending out our free open house follow-up template so stay tuned!

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