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Great! You Capped Now You Get to Keep YOUR Money

At Benchmark Realty, we always have mixed feelings when a friend or colleague with another company says, Im so excited! I capped, and its only July!

Naturally, were happy for them. That means he or she isnt going to have to dish out such a huge portion of their hard-earned commission.

Were also a little bummed, though, because we dont like that business model. In fact, that business model makes us cringe a little bit. All of our agents make 100 percent commissions no matter what. As our agents are fond of saying We ALL capped January 1st!

Why We Dont Believe in Caps

Well, we believe they exist for a reason. We just dont feel like they work for everyone. At Benchmark we have three agent plans our Realtors can choose from based on what will help them grow their own businesses and ALL of them offer 100% commission.

Heres the thing: your biggest expense as an agent could very well be the fees you pay your broker. That cuts into your marketing budget, your take-home pay and your savings for the future. Taking food out of your childrens mouths to pay a broker is simply no way to live; we wouldnt want it for ourselves, and we dont want it for you.

Its your money. You earned it.

No Caps, No Nonsense

If youve ever heard one of our agents talk about working with Benchmark Realty, youve probably kicked around the idea of joining us.

We know making a big move can be a little intimidating, especially if youve been with your company for quite some time. We all felt that way when we came on board because since we dont hire newbies, we ALL came from somewhere else. Thats normal, and its understandable. But think of it this way: every time you close under your current broker, youre missing out.

On what?

Its simple math.

The more you make on each transaction, the more youll have to market yourself. Marketing yourself will almost inevitably elevate your career. Elevating your career could mean selling fewerbut higher-pricedhomes so that you can spend more time with your family. It might mean selling more homes and establishing yourself as the powerhouse around town, or it may mean reaching a higher level of personal development.

We wont force you to do floor duty, charge you franchise fees or desk fees, or route the calls that your ads and signs generate to other agents. Youll enjoy strong broker support every step of the way, and you get to use our facilities at no charge. The day you start is the day you cap for the year you will take home 100 percent of every commission while youre with us.

We wont tell anyone if youd like to set up a private meeting and find out whether Benchmark Realty is a good fit for you, so call us at (615)371-1544 or fill out the form below. Youll be glad you did.

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