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3 Tips for an Open House that Generates REAL Leads

Lighting a citrus candle and setting up your open house signs is only half the battle when you want to bring in qualified leads. So whats the other half?

Really, there are three big things to keep in mind when youre holding an open house.


1. Invite the Neighbors.

Nosy neighbors are the perfect unpaid advertisers. Sure, theyre not going to buy the house but they have friends in the market, and if they like what they see, theyll mention it left and right.

Make it a point to knock on neighbors doors, mail out flyers and invite people in when theyre strolling by, because that could be the ticket to a sale.

2. Make Visitors Register.

This is a good one, not only for your own safety and peace-of-mind, but for your contact list as well. Asking visitors to sign a guestbook is a great way to add people to your contacts who are looking for homes (just make sure they know that youll be sending them periodic emails).

To compound that and make your open house even more effective, post it to your social media profiles and link to the MLS listing so people can read the details on the home as they stroll through. Ask your friends to share the link or tag a friend in the comments that might be interested. As a follow up post create a gallery with the listing photos. Photos generate much more engagement on social media than any other type of post. This could spark conversations with potential buyers.

3. Kick Out the Owners.

This one may go without saying, but the homeowners and their pets need to take the day off. More than that, all of the pet gear needs to be tucked away safely so you dont have potential buyers wondering if the floorboards are secretly soiled by pet accidents or thinking that they smell a dog when there isnt one for miles around.

What can stay? Fish. Fish are harmless and might even add ambience to the space, making it look more tranquil and inviting. Forget other cold-blooded animals, though an iguana or a snake can send potential buyers screaming from the house.

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