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How much do Real Estate Agents in Nashville Earn?

Think back to when you first started out in real estate. I am sure that earning potential was at the top of your list of reasons for choosing this field of employment. Many people enter into the career of real estate with dreams of financial freedom and early retirement. Easier said than done, right? Today's typical real estate agent scenario is set up so that the broker reaps 20-30-40% of the efforts put forth by the agent. That might have been a good deal back when your broker was providing all your leads before the internet. Today, almost every new client is brought in by the agents own efforts through networking, referrals or marketing. Before the internet agents worked from a printed copy of the MLS, (it was like a big old phone book) searching block by block for just the right property. Today listings can be searched, refined and accessed directly by your client via multiple interactive websites. Times have really changed. What you used to do by snail mail with your customers has transitioned to e-mail, texting, electronic signatures, and Facebook chats. The way you work your real estate business has evolved. Has your real estate compensation kept pace with that evolution? Or are you still tied to an antiquated broker commission split compensation model?

How much do Real Estate Agents Earn?

Take a look at this infographic by Point 2.

Now take a look at the potential of an agent under Benchmark Realty's 100% commission model.

Which one do you think will work better for you and your family in the long run? Which one do you think offers true financial freedom and that early retirement that you day-dreamed about from the early days of real estate?If you are ready to take the next steps and schedule a confidential conversation with us please fill out the form below or call Phillip Cantrell at 615-371-1544.





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