At Benchmark Realty, we take great pride in each of our agents. Realtors® with Benchmark routinely exceed their clients’ expectations and outperform others across the country because they’re just that committed to success—and we’d like to offer our sincerest congratulations to Brianna Morant and Oak Street Group for winning the GNAR Award of Excellence for the Top Team Selling Agent.

If you asked Brianna Morant in 2012—the year before she joined Benchmark Realty—if she could see herself winning a GNAR Award of Excellence, she might have told you no.

But that changed when she started talking to Mike Nichols, Principal Broker at Benchmark’s Midtown Office. Mike inspired Brianna to get involved with the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS®, Inc., and according to Brianna, he’s part of what drives her team to succeed.

Brianna Morris and Oak Street Realty Group- Benchmark Realty

Oak Street Realty- (L to R): Bradley Collier, Elizabeth Poynter, Brianna Morant, Kristina Jones, Bridget Lyons, Jenny Morant, Leisa Hans, Roshare Norman

I really value having him on our side. He’ll hold you accountable to being the best and doing things right, and he has your back. "

Brianna Morant 
Benchmark Agent                 

The Oak Street Group is more like a family than a real estate team, and that’s also played a major role in the team’s success. Together, the team did 188 deals last year; that’s no small feat, and that’s what earned the group their most recent award.

Everyone on our team is highly productive and highly qualified,” Brianna says. “I’ve always been very intentional about who we’ve brought on to this team. We’re a very close group of people. There’s a strong relationship and a story behind why everyone is part of this team; everyone here is great at what they do.”

Brianna Morant 
Benchmark Agent

Part of the reason Oak Street Group works so well together is that they’re not trying to build an empire—they’re simply trying to provide their clients with spectacular service.

The service we provide is really a high-level, concierge-type experience. We’re all committed to doing the absolute best for our clients, so we’ll gather information, get contractors’ bids… We go above and beyond to eliminate as much stress from the process as possible for our clients."

Brianna Morant 
Benchmark Agent

Because Benchmark Realty’s processes are so streamlined, things are easier for Brianna and her team than they would be with another agency.

Benchmark is very efficient. Of course, they’re paperless, but there’s so much teamwork. There are different levels of checks on everything, so I can literally go in at any time and see where my file is, what’s missing, and what I need to do,” Brianna says. “The backend system is very sophisticated, and the quality of the people that Phillip hires is unbelievable. I don’t know how he does it. Everyone works so hard and is so detail-oriented that I can rest assured that my stuff is in order. I feel really confident that everything is taken care of, and if there’s an issue, I’m going to know about it immediately."

Brianna Morant 
Benchmark Agent


Benchmark Realty has a unique method of doing business. First, our agents keep 100 percent of their commissions, and we don’t charge desk or technology fees. We also give our agents the freedom to control their own careers; when Realtors work with us, they can structure deals in the ways that best serve their clients. Finally, we put our agents’ and our clients’ well-being first—before profits, before transactions, and before anything else.

We’re guided by our core values:

  • As a company, we will consistently deliver 110% of our client's expectations in every real estate transaction, thereby adding true value to every relationship.
  • As our name defines, our performance will become the standard by which all other brokerages are measured.
  • As our faith requires, we will be guided by Christian principles in every decision. Honesty, integrity, fairness and strength of character will be our guideposts.
  • As our family deserves, we will allocate the appropriate attention to our personal lives in order to receive the support we need in our professional endeavors.


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