You know you have to tell people you’re a Realtor® in order to get clients, but it doesn’t always mean getting a face-to-face. One of the most inexpensive lead-generators is the good, old-fashioned business card. For pennies at a time, you can leave an advertisement behind wherever you go – even in places that seem a little strange.

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5 Places for Realtors® to Leave Business Cards

1. Doctors’ and dentists’ offices. When you’re a regular patient, asking your doctor or dentist to host a small stack of your business cards on the reception desk, the magazine table or the window ledge is a great way to reach potential clients.

2. Child care centers. Most child care centers have a bulletin board where you can tack a few business cards – or, even better, a full-color printout of your latest listing with your branding all over it.

3. Churches (with permission, of course). Many welcome tables in churches feature local events, so it’s often a good idea to create a flyer about a charity event that you’re sponsoring, an open house you’re holding or any other community to-do that you’re involved in; add a stack of business cards so people know how to get more information.

4. Auto repair shops and oil change shops. Be selective and go where your clients are; pick the Aston Martin dealership’s shop or the Jiffy Lube in your most lucrative town. The salvage yard? Maybe not the best place to leave your cards, but any exposure is good exposure.

5. Restaurants. Leave a business card or two with the tip every time you dine out… unless the service was horrible and you’re leaving a tip that reflects your displeasure. In many cases, servers will gladly pass around business cards to other servers who might need your help.

Bonus tip: Anywhere you find a bulletin board, there’s room for you to advertise. Many grocery stores have them near the front door, as do libraries, bookstores and kids’ activity centers. All you need is to find an extra thumb tack and an empty spot.

Where Do Benchmark Realtors Leave Business Cards?

With 100% freedom to run their own businesses, Benchmark agents think outside the box when networking.

With 100% freedom to run their own businesses, Benchmark agents think outside the box when networking.

Anywhere they’d like – we believe in giving our agents the freedom to run their own businesses. The best part? We even offer 100% agent commission. Ready to talk about how we can help you push your real estate business to the next level? Just fill out the form below and we’ll be glad to help.

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