As a Realtor®, your website is your 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-per-week advertisement. Your site is a direct reflection of the way you do business, and it’s always on.

That means it needs to help you put your best foot forward.

So what does every successful Realtor’s website have?

7 Essential Elements on a Successful Real Estate Website

People are visiting your site for only a handful of reasons:

  • They want to figure out how much their home may be worth
  • They want to see how much their neighbors are asking for their home
  • They want to find a new home for themselves
  • They want to learn about the community

That means your website needs to satisfy all of those needs at one time. You can do that by making sure your real estate website includes:


Beautiful and seamless visual design.

Your website’s design has to be clean, easy to navigate and simple for people to use.


Home searches built right into your site.

When users are looking for something specific, you can keep them right on your website by having a variety of IDX links that lead them in the right direction.


Above-average content.

Content is just as essential as a spectacular design. You don’t want run-of-the-mill, average content, though; you want content that shows everyone you’re the expert in each of the cities and towns you cover.


Prominent contact information.

In addition to running the risk of being penalized by the search engines for not including your contact information, you run the risk of potential clients leaving in confusion… and heading straight to your competitors.


An informative “About” page.

Your potential clients want to know that they’re working with a real professional who actually has personality. They also want to know what you’re all about, and your “About” page should have some information that shows you’re someone they want to work with.


Client testimonials.

If you have testimonials, use them! People are more comfortable working with someone who’s helped others, and that’s exactly what you want your potential clients to understand: that you’re a helpful professional who can get the job done.


Appealing calls-to-action.

A good call-to-action motivates potential clients to get in touch with you to connect them with the properties they want to see (or to ask you to list their homes). You’ll need them on your site for a variety of purposes, such as “Download my free e-book” or “Contact me to build a custom search for homes in Nashville.” At Benchmark we provide free downloadable content for our agents to use for their personal marketing. 


We have put together an IDXBroker special WordPress website package for our agents for just $399 and $39 a month including hosting. CLICK HERE for details. 

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