As Realtors®, we often spend quite a bit on advertising and marketing. From printed flyers in direct mail campaigns to websites, blogs and other online venues, we’re usually not afraid to spend cash on the things that actually bring in clients.

But how do you break it down and find out what the real return-on-investment is for your marketing dollars?Advertising Return on Investment- Benchmark Realty

The Ultimate ROI Formula

It’s simple: subtract the cost of your investment from the amount you gained, and then divide the difference from by the cost of the investment.

Here’s where it gets tricky, though. We spend our advertising dollars in several different places – so that means we need an easy tracking system to make sure that we know exactly what kind of return to expect.

You can download our Benchmark Advertising ROI Calculator or create your own – but the key is to keep track of each marketing activity you pay for and make sure you’re getting feedback from your clients to find out which activities are working.

Here’s what the formula looks like:

(Gain from investment – Cost of investment) / Cost of investment.

If you gained $1,000 from a $30 investment, this is what your formula would look like:

$1000 – $30 = $970

$970/$30 = 3233%

(That’s a pretty good deal.)

Maximum ROI for Realtors

The less you need to invest in your marketing efforts, the higher your ROI will be. While your time is valuable, you can put your brand out there at no financial cost through Facebook posts, blog posts and networking. Social media can be a goldmine for Realtors, but few of us are willing to put in the time to get the results.

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