Just about everywhere you look, there’s a little “thumbs-up” symbol or a plea to “Like” something on Facebook. If you’re not showcasing your homes or your business on the social media mega-site, you might be missing out – but how effective is it, really?Facebook- What's on your page- Benchmark Realty

The Cold, Hard Facts on Internet Home Searches

According to NAR, 90 percent of people use the Internet to search for homes. That’s nearly double the number of people who visit open houses and triple the number who read newspaper ads. While many Realtors® have their own websites and have started using Pinterest to boost real estate sales, Facebook can help generate buzz about your services too – so it can be good for more than just embarrassing family photos and politically charged status updates.

Facebook Pages for Real Estate Businesses

Like any other website, your Facebook page needs to have useful content that people find valuable. It’s the perfect place to showcase dream homes, post fast facts and figures about the market in your area, and establish yourself as the subject-matter expert when it comes to real estate.

Think of your Facebook page like a home. It needs attention, touch-ups and people inside of it or it’ll get dusty, fall into disrepair, and make the owner look bad. You don’t have to devote hours a day to maintaining your page (in fact, you shouldn’t – you need to get some work done!), but you should post at least once a day and interact personally with everyone who comments, shares or “Likes” your content.

The 3-2-1 Rule for Generating Business on Facebook

A long-held marketing secret that really works for Real Estate Agents on Facebook is to use the 3-2-1 rule. Here’s how it goes:

  • Share three original pieces (written by other people) that you’ve found online that can resonate with your audience. As a REALTOR®, that means pulling from local news sources and sharing stories about new neighborhood parks, pet laws or interesting community information.
  • Share two pieces of content that you’ve found on Facebook that resonate with your audience. That means sharing a status update or infographic from NAR about buying or selling, sharing closing information that your local school system has posted on Facebook, or sharing status updates from local businesses or local people of interest.
  • Share one piece of content about yourself or your real estate business.

Sharing other people’s content does two things: one, it shows that you’re engaged in the real estate and local communities, and two, it generates buzz about you being someone worthy of interaction.

So what’s on your Facebook page?

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