Whether looking to buy, binge-watching HGTV, or just daydreaming, every homeowner and potential owner has thought about luxury homes at one point or another. These dream homes have more than just a big-ticket price in common, but what can you expect to find in a luxury home? Recent research from Homes.com found preferences and features vary by state.

Top Home Features
For Tennessee homes, the top must-have beyond a pool and bar is a breakfast nook, but that’s not the most common feature nationwide. Here’s a quick breakdown of the percentage of luxury homes and which amenities they include:
Pools: 36.5%
Bar: 22.7%
Gourmet Kitchen: 12.6%
Elevator: 11.6%
Waterfront: 10.9%

Largest Homes
Another factor that differentiates luxury homes state-by-state is size. While paying $1 million for a home should get you a pretty significant amount of square footage, where you purchase that footage makes a difference:
Indiana: 9,289 sq. ft.
West Virginia: 8,97 sq. ft.
Mississippi: 8,774 sq. ft.
Kansas: 8,520 sq. ft.
Arkansas: 7,395 sq. ft.
Alaska: 7,375 sq. ft.
Ohio: 7,347 sq. ft.
Kentucky: 6,985 sq. ft.
Missouri: 6,907 sq. ft.
Louisiana: 6,674 sq. ft.

Unique Features
What makes a luxury home luxurious is often the unexpected add-on. Unless you’re planning to build a home from the ground-up and choose your own amenities, here’s where you can expect to find some of the more unusual features in a luxury home:
Basketball Court: Utah (3.4% of homes)
Elevator: South Carolina (25.7% of homes)
Sauna: Arizona (11.9% of homes)
Movie Theater: Indiana (15% of homes)

Finding the Right Negotiator
Whether you’re looking for a luxury home or just happen to be dreaming of one while on the hunt for a house with a smaller price tag, the right agent can make a big difference when it comes to helping you through the process and negotiating a sales price that’s amenable to all parties. Find a Benchmark Agent near you and get started on the hunt for your dream home today.