The holidays are here, and while the idea of selling your home this time of year can be daunting, the seasonal spirit can work in your favor. Follow these nine tips to use holiday cheer to sell your home this winter.

1. May Your Days Be Merry and Bright
With home buyers feeling the joy of the season, it’s the perfect time to make your home cheery—both inside and out. Use subtle décor to help buyers envision making their own holiday memories in your home, and up your curb appeal to welcome potential buyers with true season’s greetings.

2. Price to Sell
If you want to sell your home this time of year, you need to price it accordingly. With holiday spending, potential buyers are juggling a number of budgets. You should keep this in mind as you set your sales price.

3. Holiday Open Houses
There’s no place like home for the holidays, and open houses can give potential buyers that sense much more than a traditional walkthrough. Consider having instrumental holiday music in the background and burning subtle, seasonally-scented candles to really drive home the feel of the season.

4. Buyers Are Serious
Don’t worry if you don’t have dozens of interested buyers right away. Remember, while there may be fewer buyers this time of year, people who are looking to purchase a home are typically pretty serious about it.

5. Deck the Halls with Holiday Deals
The holidays give you an even better opportunity to spruce things up by upgrading appliances and other household items. Take advantage of seasonal deals, and be sure to point out these new features to potential buyers.

6. Falling Interest Rates Are in Your Favor
Year’s end usually brings with it falling interest rates, which can be helpful with financing options for potential buyers. While you want to price to sell, be sure to keep this in mind.

7. Over the River and Through the Woods
Winter is an excellent time to sell raw land. Trees have shed their fall foliage, making it much easier to see land, especially acreage with picturesque views. If you have property you’re considering putting on the market, now may be the time.

8. Shine Bright This Season
With fewer homes on the market this time of year, yours has a chance to really stand out. By taking advantage of holiday curb appeal and deals, you may just be at the top of potential buyers’ lists this holiday season.

9. Don’t Go It Alone
Take things a step further by finding a great agent. The right agent can help you identify which home upgrades to make and help you walk the line in being tastefully seasonal (but not over the top) with your décor. Plus, they can help negotiate a sale that leaves all parties feeling the joy of the season.

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