In Nashville’s growing market, homebuyers and sellers have myriad options when it comes to selecting a real estate agent. If you can’t quickly articulate what makes you the right agent for your clients, then you may find yourself not only missing out on business but also losing relevance in our fast-moving industry.

What You Bring to the Table
To agents really looking to take their business to the next level: you must be able to both define and explain your unique value proposition—what sets you apart from other agents in the same market—to your prospective clients.

There are several factors that play a part in what makes you a standout agent. Include your years of experience as well as your knowledge and expertise gained both through working in a specific market and through a commitment to ongoing professional development.

From there, consider the skills you use to get the job done: negotiation, mediation and contract management to close the deal. What does your perspective offer that those of other REALTORS in your area can’t, and how is that relevant to the individual client you are hoping to work with?

Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition
Asking yourself the hard questions can be easier than answering them. This exercise can help you think through what you have to offer and how it sets you apart.

First, take some time to think through and list all the services you provide for your clients—from identifying potential new homes based on your clients’ wants and needs or hosting an open house to helping navigate the waters of contract negotiation. Once you have your list, identify three or four items that you do best. Next, write a few sentences about how, specifically, you provide those services.

Now it’s time to think through how your top services are relevant to your clients. How do and will your clients directly benefit from what you do best? Write down those benefits as succinctly as possible. Practice verbalizing them conversationally until you’re comfortable talking through each. This will help you be prepared the next time you’re trying to win over a new client because you’ll be able to tell them exactly why you’re the right REALTOR for them.

Take Your Business to the Next Level
Your agency can make a big difference in further elevating your value for your clients. At Benchmark, our agents are committed to providing the best level of service for their clients, and we’re committed to helping them succeed through access to ongoing professional development. Plus our lower fees mean our agents take home more at the end of the day. Find out if you’d be a fit for the Benchmark team by taking our short online assessment today.