Every real estate agent knows proper training and continuing education is key to staying at the top of your game and being the best possible resource for your clients. From understanding the legalities of Tennessee property sales to keeping abreast of the latest technologies and productivity techniques, finding the right resources can be overwhelming.

At Benchmark Realty, we offer our agents access to a monthly training program with classes ranging from the basics of the Tennessee Association of REALTORS (TAR) electronic forms to programs designed to help our agents become more productive. One of the productivity skills we focus on is time blocking, a time management technique that helps our agents maximize every hour of their day to help them set and achieve their business goals.

Step 1: Identify Your Goals

Start each day with identifying your number one priority—that single task that can make everything else on your to-do list easier. Maybe it’s pulling together possible new homes for a client or sending out an email to your database to keep yourself top-of-mind. Whatever it is, commit to getting it done without interruptions.

Step 2: Structure Your Schedule Around Your Goals
Working without distraction can be easier said than done. Whatever your top tasks are for the day, block out how much time you think you’ll need before you get started. Then, stick to it. As much as you can, don’t let emails or phone calls distract you until you’ve finished. Instead, focus your attention only on the task you’ve set out to complete. You’ll finish it faster and find yourself more satisfied when you’re done.

Step 3: Make it Visual
Using a visual tool to physically schedule your time blocks makes it easier to stick to them. Try a physical planner (yes, you’ll need a pen) or the calendar on your phone until you determine the tool that works best for you. Apps like Weekplan and Plan are specifically designed to make time blocking easy.

Step 4: Take Breaks
As you start to focus your time and increase your productivity, don’t forget to schedule time to recharge. Your productivity is only as good as your mental health, and only you can make yourself a priority.

Get Access to More Training & Tips
Interested in signing up for monthly training sessions? Benchmark training director Diane Osowiecki has extensive experience in working with Fortune 50 companies and is committed to equipping Benchmark agents with the tools they need to stand out. Find out if you’d make a good Benchmark agent by taking our short assessment today.