Everybody likes to do business with people they know and trust, whether it’s the lawn care service provider or the dentist (well, maybe not the dentist). So what makes those relationships “tick,” and how can you make a few tweaks to your own relationships with clients to ensure that you’re building something permanent?

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The Psychology of Building Realtor-Client Relationships 

The scientific term for first impressions is thin-slicing—and research by Nalini Ambady of Tufts University shows that our brains create a reliable, accurate first impression within six seconds of meeting someone.

As Realtors®, that first meeting could be over the phone, in person, or even on the Internet when someone fills out your contact form.

Six seconds.

It’s incredibly important that you get off on the right foot, whether a client finds you on Facebook or bumps into you at the grocery store.

Once you’ve made a stellar first impression, there are a few powerful ways to cement your connections with clients:

· Pay attention to little things. Make sure you’re in the habit of returning phone calls and answering emails (or texts, if that’s your clients’ favorite mode of communication), and keep track of what your clients need.

· Keep great records. Take your time and jot down what you talk about during phone calls, meetings, and other communications—your clients will appreciate it (and you). Reach out on birthdays, holidays, and even for no reason other than to show your clients that you’re thinking of them.

· Be available. You don’t have to drop everything each time a client calls, but you do have to let them know you’re working on their behalf; that makes a huge difference in how your clients perceive your customer service skills (and how much they feel you care about them).


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