As a Realtor®, you’ve probably heard it all. Let’s face it: this is a competitive field, and not all agents embody what we value so much at Benchmark Realty.

When you hear objections from clients, how do you respond? What you say can make the difference in whether they become your clients or you move on to the next, so let’s examine some of the most common objections Realtors hear.

Most common real estate objections- Benchmark Realty


​"Will you cut your commissions if I list with you?"

Many people want to get the best discount possible, and some agents will provide it. However, you may find that you end up with happier clients (and a higher bottom line) if you counter with something like:

  • “As a professional, my time is very valuable – just like yours is.” 
  • I'd like to demonstrate how tough I'll be for you, which is why cutting my commission is not an option."
  • "When Realtors cut their commission, do you think they'll hold up when it's time to negotiate the best price for your home?"
  • "I don’t agree with your estimate on my home’s price. Other agents have said it’s much higher."

    You know your job, and you know how to evaluate a home’s value – but in many cases, sellers only want to hear what reinforces their existing beliefs. Some agents will say what the seller wants to hear just to gain the listing, but you can counter with something such as:

    1. "It is a little confusing, isn't it? Each agent you interview will have some variation in price, but here's the in-depth method that revealed what your home is really worth."
    2. ​"Some agents get very few listings, and getting yours is extremely important to them; unfortunately, some agents will tell you what they think you want to hear instead of what will sell your house."
    3. "Many agents talk about listed prices. I'm not worried about listed prices- I'm worried about what has sold. This price reflects that data, which is what you really need to know to sell your home."

    "We can always lower the price later, if it doesn’t sell."

    Sometimes this seems logical to sellers who don’t have much (or any) experience, but as Realtors, we all know what happens when sellers lower the price; the home instantly loses what appeal it had.

    Try countering this with:

    • ​"Yes, you can. However, doing so will make you look like an unmotivated seller- as if you don't really care whether your home sells because it's priced higher than it should be."
    • "By the time you lower the price, you've already missed out on a huge market of potential buyers; they've already moved on and bought another home."


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