Most sensible people with an average knowledge of real estate transactions wouldn’t buy a home without a Realtor® to represent them. Your clients already know that Realtors bring a lot of value to the equation, including:

  • Unlimited access to the MLS
  • Knowledge of recent comps
  • Knowledge of neighborhoods
  • Ability to negotiate with sellers
  • Ability to provide objective professional advice
  • Ability to provide referrals to necessary professionals

However, there’s one more thing your clients need – and they may not even know what it is.

It’s the human element.

The human element- Benchmark Realty (4)


Buying a home is a huge transaction; so is selling one. It makes sense that real estate transactions need a certain “human element,” and that’s exactly what you provide.

Your clients view you as the subject matter expert when it comes to real estate. They know that you bring your experience, your knowledge and your talents to the table, and they see you as their guide through this often difficult, sometimes tricky process.

People make better decisions when they’re guided by an expert. They’re more confident in what they’ve chosen, and they rely on a Realtor to guide them through the emotional bucks and downs of house hunting and purchasing.


As a realtor, you help your buyers save money, help sellers make the most money, and act as the voice of reason during real estate transactions.

Your most important role, though, is to provide support. The kind of support you can provide isn’t available anywhere else; your clients can’t get what they need from a website, an app or software. They can only get it from you.

No matter what the naysayers “nay-say” about real estate website mergers cutting Realtors out of the equation, it simply isn’t true. Realtors are a necessary ingredient in any successful home transaction recipe, and it’s because we add the human element that our clients absolutely need.



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