We’ve all seen it – a home sits on the market for a month. Then two months, then three… finally, the frustrated owners pull it and try again next year.

So what would you do if those owners asked you to list it? Could you help them sell it? Would you even try?The House that Never Sells- Benchamark Realty

Three Not-So-Secret Reasons a House Won’t Sell

You probably have a pretty good idea about why that particular house isn’t selling. Maybe the owners are unrealistically pricing the house, and they haven’t yet met a Realtor® who helped them understand the market.

Maybe it just doesn’t show well, and the owners don’t understand the fundamentals of home staging.

Perhaps their agent isn’t marketing the home correctly.

So what would you do differently?

Discussing Price Points with Your Clients

When a client has a particular price in mind, it’s often tough to get them to understand they might be in the wrong range. Calling out a professional appraiser and explaining the market conditions can go a long way – and if that doesn’t work, asking your clients to revisit their price if the home doesn’t sell within 30 days might be a good idea. Let them know that homebuyers comparison shop based largely on price, so that could lengthen the amount of time their home sits on the market.

Improving Appeal for Showings

If you’ve ever tried to gently explain to a client that their house doesn’t show well, you know how hard it is not to come off like you’re saying they have an ugly home. The best way? Say something like, “I recently read this piece about home staging, and it mentioned a couple of things that really might help move your house faster.” Then dive into some of the basics and, if you can, encourage them to bring in a professional.

Marketing: You Know What it Takes

As a Benchmark Realty agent, you have the training, tools and freedom you need to market a home successfully. Not a Benchmark agent yet? Let’s fix that. Call us at (615)371-1544 or contact us online. We’d love to talk about the opportunities we can offer you.

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