“Dear Phillip,

It is important for me to share my thoughts with you. Whenever I have a moment to look around my new house, I remember how lucky I was to have you as my realtor, and I continue to marvel at your abilities. As you may remember, our family was somewhat overwhelmed initially because we had to do a long distance purchase from Michigan, but you washed away all our concerns by helping us find this wonderful house that suits our needs and to do the closing in less than two weeks.

There are so many winning characteristics in you as a superstar realtor: your careful listening ear that hears your customer’s preferences, your knowledge of construction and home repair, a network of people necessary for a new home purchase, and your enchanting personality. Even more importantly, you were very thoughtful in considering everything from your customer’s perspective. It was so thoughtful of you to mail us, after the closing, a list of experts we could contact for home improvement. It shows how much you care for your customers and what you do.

I sincerely appreciate you for all your help, and our family members send you their heartfelt thanks as well.”