What do you do when you are relocating for work, and you want to buy your first home in a super competitive market? Oh, and you are also attempting this feat while being over 2,000 miles away. If you are in the Middle Tennessee market, you need an amazing realtor like Heather Legg! Heather’s experience and knowledge of the Middle Tennessee market helped my wife and I win the battle for our first home in the Nashville Metro market.

We were relocating from Vancouver, Washington in June 2021, and Heather was patient and honest, and she guided us step-by-step through the home buying process. Heather set the expectations from the beginning on what steps we needed to follow to give ourselves the best chance at securing a home in the competitive Nashville market. Heather has outstanding follow up skills, and she kept us organized and focused, so we made it through the entire process from start to finish within 30 days! We are so blessed that she was recommended to us. We are confident that Heather will provide the same level of excellence for your family’s home buying process!
Thanks, so much Heather!
-M.C. and Brandie Course