James McCaleb

Amazing Benchmark Realty page with great posts and property listings.

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Tracie Robinson

I am so grateful to be in the company of such outstanding professionals. The Tracie Robinson Real Estate Team #BeBetterBeBenchmark

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Carrie Parker

We met Salena at an event she hosted called Cookies with Santa! I instantly fell in love with her personality and knew I wanted her to be our realtor when we started looking for our first home together ! Salena and Sue took such great care of us, handled EVERYTHING down to the final walkthrough and really just made the process so easy! I would highly recommend Salena if you are looking to buy!

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Andrea Ladd

The Best of the Best Agents work here! Be Better Be Benchmark!!

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Mikki Streight Ramey

At DrMoves . com we are constantly looking for dedicated realtors throughout the country we can send our physician clients to. Jennifer did an excellent job and helped out every step of the way! Thanks Jennifer! We look forward to sending you more referrals!

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Tues Lowery

If you are in the Nashville region and are considering a realtor, I highly recommend that you give Erik Levin with Benchmark Realty a call. I have never worked with anyone like him and I have been in sales organizations working with businesses for over 10 years. Erik has been an invaluable partner/asset for us in the moving process, deciding on a location/home, purchasing of our home, and he continues to help us in ways we could never think of. I don't know how he has time in the day for his own life because I know he treats all of his clients with the same amazing service. To say his service goes beyond the sale is an understatement. He continues to suggest ways he can be of assistance to us before we even realize we need the help. Along with his willingness to serve his clients, he offers knowledge and insight that gave us confidence and peace of mind in our decisions. I really can't say enough about him. Working with Erik was the first best decision we've made in Nashville!

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Alberto Duarte

Sharon helped me find my home when I first moved from California. I reached out to several realtors and Sharon was the first to respond. She was very patient and understanding during the entire process. She understood what I was looking for and made sure I did not pay more than I should. It was an amazing experience and I'll definitely be using her for my next purchase. Thank you very much Sharon.

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Jeremy Crosslin

I have worked with Benchmark on multiple properties. Such a great team to work with. I will continue with to use them, and refer others.

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Donnie Schoenheit

Heather Smith is an amazing realtor. She helped find my dream home last summer and helped me sell my old completely remodeled home a week ago. Hardworking, listens, well thought out advice......she works in your best interests. Benchmark Realty and Heather Smith are highly recommended by me

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