Do You Have to Stage Every Room in Your Home to Sell?

If you’re like many people selling a home in Middle Tennessee, your REALTOR® has talked to you about home staging – but do you really have to stage every room? This guide explains. Do You Have to Stage Every Room in Your Home to Sell? Staging is a really important part of selling your home, and your real estate agent will most likely offer you pointers and tips if you need them. And though you should try to stage every room in your home, you may have to focus your efforts on the most important period if that's the case, here's where you need to stage: Kitchen Living Room Bedrooms Keep scrolling for tips to help you successfully stage each space. Kitchen Staging: The Basics Your kitchen is one of the most important in your home to stage. That's partly because the kitchen is where prospective buyers stand with their real estate agents to discuss how they feel about a home, and partly because staging is about more than selling four walls and a roof – it’s about selling a lifestyle. You want buyers to see that your kitchen is clean and easy to maintain, and you can [...]