Freedom And More Money Make Change Easy For Benchmark Agent

Corbi Parker is a full time REALTOR® whose passion for her industry shows in everything she does–just ask those around her.  With eight years in the business, she has experienced a market that came much more easily and a current market where every dollar spent should count. Luckily, at her new home at Benchmark Realty, she gets to decide where to spend those hard-earned bucks. For more info, visit The Corbi Parker Team.  Who doesn’t hate change in life especially switching companies?  But, Benchmark agent Corbi Parker says from new business cards and signs to earning more money, her switch to Benchmark Realty in 2010 was a super easy transition and financially a no-brainer. First and foremost, Parker says why pay $18,000 to $40,000 in fees to other brokers when the majority of that money can be yours to spend how you want. “Everyone hates change, particularly real estate agents. I already liked broker Phillip Cantrell and appreciated his ethics and integrity. But, it’s not enough to like the person in charge. When I saw agents at the top of their game moving to Benchmark, it added fuel to my fire. With the systems Benchmark has in place, the transition was [...]