Connecting with Your Clients: The Psychology of Sales

As a Realtor®, you already know that people make decisions – even big ones, such as the purchase of a home – based largely on emotions. But those emotions are complex, and what triggers an emotional response in one person might have the opposite effect on another. How can you, as a Realtor, understand the psychology of sales better in order to give your clients the service they deserve? The Emotional “Hot Button” People are always looking for something, whether it’s convenience, comfort or safety; there are dozens of possibilities. Your job as a Realtor is to find out what that is – but not everyone is forthcoming. Through carefully designed questions, you can get to the bottom of what your clients crave without any guesswork. Instead of asking, “How many bedrooms are you looking for?” ask them if they’re planning on expanding their family, whether they’d like to set up one room as an office or library, or if they want a spare room for company. This way, you’re offering them the value they want and framing in a way they can connect with. Keeping Up with the Joneses The old cliché is absolutely true; people do want to [...]