Tips to Make Your Move Easier

If you're getting ready to move, this guide runs you through all the most important tasks so you don't miss a thing. Tips to Make Your Move Easier Check out the following sections to get a head start on your next move: Packing Hiring movers Preparing your pets to move Changing your address Here's a closer look at each. Packing Tips Here are a few tips to help you pack efficiently and effectively: Start packing items you won't need in the next week. Be thoughtful in your selections! Pack heavier items on the bottom of boxes. This helps your boxes stay intact and keeps your belongings safe. Label boxes with what's inside and which room they should go in. This saves you time dragging boxes from room to room later. Pack a survival kit of essential items for the first few days in your new home. You'll need entertainment for kids, medications, contact lens solution, toiletries and paper plates - plus whatever else you need to survive. Related: 15 home staging tricks that you can use to sell your home faster Hiring Movers If you're hiring a moving company to help you on the big day, these tips will help: [...]

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