How to Stage Your Outdoor Living Space to Sell Your Home

When you're selling your home, it's important to help potential buyers envision the lifestyle they'll enjoy if they make an offer you can't refuse. One way to do that is by staging your outdoor living space, so here are seven tips to make sure you get it right. How to Stage Your Outdoor Living Space to Sell Your Home Check out these seven tips to stage your outdoor living space in a way that makes buyers fall in love: Declutter and clean Spruce up your landscaping Bring in portable plants Define each space Add ample seating Choose comfort-themed accessories Use lighting to set the mood Here's a closer look at each. Outdoor Living Space Staging Tip #1: Declutter and Clean Remove everything from your deck, patio or porch that's not in use or doesn't contribute to the space's overall aesthetic. Put away all bikes, toys and outdoor accessories, too, so they don't distract prospective buyers. After you tidy up, it's time to get down to the serious business of cleaning. Scour the floors of your outdoor living space, wipe down handrails, clean the windows and power-wash the walkway. The idea is to make your space as clean as it was [...]