7 Things Every Seller Should Do Before Listing

If you're like many people considering selling a home in Nashville or the suburbs, there are seven things you need to know before you list. This guide covers them all. 7 Things Every Seller Should Do Before Listing Check out the seven things you absolutely need to do before you list your home for sale: Make necessary repairs Talk to a REALTOR® Consider upgrades Set the right price for your home Know your lower limit for accepting an offer Stage your home to appeal to a wide range of buyers Plan your availability for showings Here's a closer look at each. #1. Make Necessary Repairs Before you list your home for sale, make necessary repairs. Leaky faucets, torn window screens and creaky doors or floorboards all need some attention before you put your home on the market. The reason: People who tour your home and discover minor problems will likely believe that if you ignore minor issues, you're pretty likely to ignore major ones, too - and they may think that your house is a lemon because it's not properly maintained. Related: How to Stage Your Outdoor Living Space to Sell Your Home #2. Talk to a REALTOR® Getting advice [...]