Using a VA Loan to Buy Your Next Home in Tennessee

If you’re like many people, you qualify for a loan backed by the U.S. Veterans Administration – but how do you use a VA loan to buy a home in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin or another city in Middle Tennessee? This guide explains. How Do You Use a VA Loan to Buy a Home in Tennessee? VA loans are for veterans of the U.S. armed forces, their qualifying dependents and a handful of others who qualify. If you’re a veteran or current service member in any branch (including the reserve components), you may be eligible for a VA loan. You’ll have to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility, or CoE, from the U.S. Veterans Administration. After you have your CoE in-hand, take it to your lender. Your lender will explain your loan options. How Does a VA Loan Work? A VA loan doesn’t actually come from the VA. Instead, the Veterans Administration backs it; that means the VA guarantees some or all of the loan. Your lender gets a guarantee from the VA that if you default on your payments, the VA will help cover its losses. Because the U.S. government is backing the loan, lenders are comfortable giving you more favorable [...]