5 Amazing Places for Realtors to Leave Business Cards

You know you have to tell people you’re a Realtor® in order to get clients, but it doesn’t always mean getting a face-to-face. One of the most inexpensive lead-generators is the good, old-fashioned business card. For pennies at a time, you can leave an advertisement behind wherever you go – even in places that seem a little strange. 5 Places for Realtors® to Leave Business Cards 1. Doctors’ and dentists’ offices. When you’re a regular patient, asking your doctor or dentist to host a small stack of your business cards on the reception desk, the magazine table or the window ledge is a great way to reach potential clients. 2. Child care centers. Most child care centers have a bulletin board where you can tack a few business cards – or, even better, a full-color printout of your latest listing with your branding all over it. 3. Churches (with permission, of course). Many welcome tables in churches feature local events, so it’s often a good idea to create a flyer about a charity event that you’re sponsoring, an open house you’re holding or any other community to-do that you’re involved in; add a stack of business cards so people know [...]