Agent Training and Education? Yes, We Do That!

Have you ever watched the show Myth Busters? The show's stars take myths, legends, and wives' tales and put them through a series of tests to find out the truth behind the myth. Today we bring you the Benchmark Realty version of Myth Busters. If you were a fly on the wall you might over hear a conversation with other brokers in town that suggest Benchmark Realty does not offer agent training. That statement is simply not true. What they might be alluding to is the fact that Benchmark Realty does not take on newly licensed agents (unless a senior agent agrees to mentor them.) Our agents need to have at least 10-15 transactions under their belts before being considered to move their license to Benchmark. We are a company made up of ethical, moral and successful agents. Although we do not offer Brand New Agent Training we do offer multiple opportunities for on going agent education and training. Benchmark Realty Agent Training Monthly Mastermind Meetings- Monthly agent meetings held in Nashville, Cool Springs and Murfreesboro. We discuss market statistics, trends, TAR Hotline issues, and various real estate topics. Often with guest speakers and in-depth training opportunities. Education Seminars- Yearly [...]