Agents Speak Freely about a Career with Benchmark Realty

At this month’s Mastermind Meeting, we caught up with a few agents and asked what they enjoyed most about working at Benchmark Realty. Reggie Polk, an agent who has been with Benchmark for over a year spoke highly about the agency. “I really love the flexibility of managing my own business…I feel like at Benchmark Realty, I have the most opportunity to keep all of my commission and make as much money as I can. I have a great leadership staff -- John and Philip give us a lot of great support.” Agents Lisa Wurth and Clayton Williams both agree that integrity is a characteristic they greatly value at Benchmark. “I love the integrity that Philip and the other brokers have established in the company and the standards he sets for the agents is something that brought me here and absolutely keeps me here,” Wurth said. “My favorite thing about Benchmark without even thinking about it is the high level integrity,” Williams said. We then asked what advice the agents would give to those considering a career at Benchmark. “I tell everyone that asks me how I feel about joining Benchmark, the only regret that I have is that I [...]