Your first meeting with a potential buyer is one of the most important interactions you’ll have with this client. It sets the stage for the entire home buying process and establishes you as the agent of choice, not only for the current transaction but for future purchases and sales.

Understanding the Process
Make the most of both your and the client’s time by coming prepared with a plan for the meeting. Start by gauging their knowledge of the home buying process and then filling in anything they may not know.

Talk them through your plans for viewing homes, the steps you’ll take once they find a home they want to buy, and what happens between the time of coming under contract to meeting at the closing table. This will help them feel in control of their own experience every step of the way.

Explaining the Market
From there, you’ll want to explain the current market conditions and how they may impact your client’s experience. In our current market, your client will likely be competing against other offers and may—more than once—have their offer rejected. Talk through your plans to mitigate these chances and what you and your buyer can do when they’re ready to make an offer on a house.

It helps to come prepared with stories about other clients and how you helped them get the home they wanted. The better you communicate, the better emotionally prepared your client will be, minimizing the potential for surprises and misunderstandings.

Know What Your Buyer Wants
This initial meeting is also your chance to get a strong understanding for your buyer’s wants and needs in both a home and a neighborhood. How important is location, safety, nearby schools? What do they want in terms of lot size and square footage? What items are must-haves versus nice-to-haves?

From aesthetics and desired functionality to home size and budget, you should walk away from the table already knowing what your client is looking for. Likewise, your client should leave this meeting with their next steps, such as contacting their lender and taking some time to think through any other must-haves in their new home.

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