We all know that marketing isn’t what it used to be, but are you being extremely selective about the types of clients you’re directing your marketing efforts toward?

Because marketing has evolved so much over the past few decades, it’s essential that you keep up with the changes. That can include networking, improving your habits, or switching the way you communicate with your clients… but it also includes being proactive and selective about reaching your ideal clientele.

How to Be More Proactive With Your Real Estate Marketing 

It’s one thing to have a website, but it’s another to consistently blog, create and upload new content, and have an active social media presence. However, all that work will be for nothing if you don’t reach the right people.

Do You Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are - Benchmark Realty TN

Knowing Your Ideal Audience and Reaching Out to Them

Ask yourself what types of clients you’d most like to deal with:

  • Where do they live now?
  • How old are they?
  • What types of jobs do they have?
  • How much money do they make?
  • What do they do for fun?

That information can help you narrow your efforts and reach the right people.

Are you primarily interested in selling homes on golf courses? Gated communities? Luxury estates?

Knowing who will see (and pay attention to) your marketing material is the first step in proactively targeting it in the right direction.

According to Joshua Bingaman, founder of HELM Boots, knowing the audience you want to reach is essential to get the business you want.

“We’ve worked hard to develop HELM Boots into a brand that is recognized in Esquire or GQ instead of sale sites like Gilt or Fab,” says Bingaman.

Approximately 66 percent of all companies—and 71 percent of all companies with revenues greater than $10 billion—report the ability to reach the right audiences as the primary value of digital advertising (read: online marketing), according to Forbes.

“Audience targeting is absolutely essential as we design a campaign and think about the audience we are trying to reach,” says Andrew Flanagan, Lenovo’s executive director of digital marketing, social media and analytics. “We look at how to be as efficient and effective as possible using the budgets we have and reaching the audiences where they’re spending their time. So it’s primarily digital media we look at.”

If you’re not reaching the right audience, your marketing dollars aren’t going as far as they should.

Take a few minutes to identify your target audience; then ask yourself why you’re the perfect Realtor for them. Do you have a “unique value proposition” that sets you apart from your competitors? (Chances are you do, because Benchmark Realty is extremely selective about the agents we bring on-board… but what could you do to be even more valuable to your target clients?)



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