Walk into just about any Real Estate Broker’s office and you are sure to see a familiar site; rows upon rows of filing cabinets. Not true of Benchmark Realty. Due to proprietary broker management software that was developed to streamline office paperwork and invoicing, Benchmark Realty, LLC is a completely paperless office. This software handles tasks for the individual agent like:

  1. Managing commission caps.
  2. Processing referral payments
  3. Collecting agent fees monthly

A second piece of software that is employed by the brokerage is one that agents are probably already familiar with, “Paperless Pipeline“.  paperless pipeline

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What’s unique about the way Benchmark Realty utilizes this software is the consumer interface. That process is document storage and retrieval for the broker file. Agents upload their files and documents without ever having to come into the office.  The files are then taken through a three step compliance process without ever touching a piece of paper. Agents can log into the system at anytime and check their transactions and see where they are in the compliance process. All files are stored electronically in the cloud. Benchmark is continually audited by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission and there has never been a non-compliant file in the hundreds of thousands of files that have gone through the three step compliance process.

Here is a video of CEO and founder, Phillip Cantrell explaining the technology.

One of the main benefits that this cloud based technology offers the real estate agent is the fact that it keeps overhead down. With high compliance, lots of transactions moving through and minimal overhead Benchmark is able to offer minimal fees to our agents. If you are interested in finding out more about a career with Benchmark Realty, please contact Phillip Cantrell directly at 615-371-1544 or fill out the form below. 

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