Open house etiquette for homeowners and buyers was the focus of a Tennessean article this week and three Benchmark agents were asked to weigh in on questions from bathroom etiquette to selfies. Benchmark agent Jennifer Spergl says agents are also concerned about personal safety and protecting the seller’s property.

Open Houses are a fantastic way to promote a new listing and allow potential buyers to spend more time viewing a property...I believe this never crosses the mind of an open house guest. The more we talk about safety the more comfortable the guest/host interaction will be.

Jennifer Spergl 
Benchmark Agent

​Jennifer's Tips for a safe open house

  • Sign in for safety and indicate if you are working with an agent and don’t want to be contacted.
  • Be respectful. Feel free to look at the property but respect personal belongings.
  • Stay together while touring the home and watch the kids.
  • Homeowners should remove or secure anything that is precious, rare or extremely valuable.
  • Finally, keep cameras, laptops, cell phones, tablets and prescriptions secured and out of sight.

Should you take a selfie at an open house?

Don't take photos inside someone else's home. Creepy. How would you feel if a stranger came to your home and took photos?

Sharon Kipp
Benchmark Agent

Benchmark Agent, Sharon Kipp made the great point that the seller's agent has probably already posted professional photos online but asking permission for a must have shot is only polite. 

What about bathroom etiquette? 

Should you or shouldn’t you use the bathroom? Benchmark agent Adam Helton advises unless it is an emergency, you should wait.

It is a homeowner's personal space and the bathroom is an area of privacy..... Respect it. 

Adam Helton
Benchmark Agent

What about pets during an open house? 

Finally, what should a homeowner do with a pet during an open house? Helton reminds us that many people have pet allergies or maybe an animal fear. Helton shares the last thing you want is a perspective buyer to have an allergic reaction or a panicked moment over the family pet.

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