Like many real estate professionals, Benchmark Realty’s Shelia Lunsford sets herself apart from the crowd with a specialty.

Benchmark Realty managing broker

Lunsford says “building a relationship of trust is paramount and her passion is investing in people, not houses.”

When she started out almost 10 years ago as a buyers’ agent in Murfreesboro, she was with another agency that happened to be handling several short sales. As a result Lunsford became immersed in these types of transactions long before the greatest recession this country has seen in 75 years made them so common.

“I saw what was coming,” she recalled, and by 2007, she had earned her Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource designation. But, it wasn’t long before she realized she wanted more flexibility to successfully close some sales, a degree of autonomy that she ultimately found at Benchmark Realty.

Today she is Benchmark’s managing broker in Murfreesboro.

“Once Benchmark was here, when I took a hard look at the business model I realized it was the best for me,” she said. “The leadership of the company is a large part of why I came here. It allows business people to run their real estate business like a business, as it should be.”

Being at Benchmark Realty “gives me the autonomy, the freedom, to address what my clients need, in a way that I see fit,” she added. “Short sales and foreclosures are not your typical transaction….And, if I want to reduce my fee to help a client, I can do that at Benchmark and I don’t have to ask someone’s permission.”

Lunsford reflects “there’s no ‘mother may I?’ required of me to do what I think is needed.”

Being a part of Benchmark Realty’s team has enhanced Lunsford’s ability to maintain her signature real estate niche and serve clients.

Managing broker for Benchmark Realty's Murfreesboro office, Lunsford has her own website, SheilaLunsford.

Managing broker for Benchmark Realty’s Murfreesboro office, Lunsford has her own website, SheilaLunsford.

To learn more about Shelia and her specialty, you can visit her website at:

Named one of 2012’s “Best Places to Work In Nashville,” Benchmark Reality LLC was founded in March 2006 out of frustration with the traditional brokerage model by founder and CEO Phillip Cantrell.  One of Middle Tennessee’s top real estate agencies, Benchmark agents enjoy complete freedom in structuring each deal and earn 100% commission.